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Welcome the Stranger (2018)

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Alice arrives unannounced at her estranged brother Ethan's house in an attempt to reconcile, but bizarre visions, the return of his strange girlfriend and Alice's paranoia and suspicion ...

Single Rider (2017)

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A man who has lost everything in his life travels to Australia in search of his family.

Claw (2017)

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Justin Pavia,Tina Krause,Lina Tanille,Anthony Edward Curry,Sarah Constable,

The Desert Bride (2018)

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It tells the story of Teresa, a 54-year-old woman who works as a domestic employee in a family home in Buenos Aires. For decades he has taken refuge in the routine of his tasks, but now ...

The Miracle Season (2018)

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Tiera Skovbye, Danika Yarosh, Helen Hunt

Breath (2017)

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Based on Tim Winton's award-winning and international bestselling novel set in mid-70s coastal Australia...

September Morning (2017)

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When the world was falling apart, they came together. In the first dark hours of September 12th, 2001, five college freshmen stay up all night in a dorm room confronting the promises of youth that have been severed by national tragedy.

Mother in Law (2017)

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Actors Anonymous (2017)

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The film adaptation of James Franco's popular novel Actors Anonymous, exploring the lives of young actors in Hollywood, from the highs to the lows, to the lies and the heartbreak.

Take Back the Night (2017)

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Gia Vangieri,

Kodachrome (2017)

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Set during the final days of the admired photo development system known as Kodachrome, a father and son hit the road in order to reach the Kansas photo lab before it closes its doors for good.

Abduction of Angie (2017)

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Kelly Thiebaud,Tamara Braun,Joseph Culp,Robert Scott Wilson,Paula Christensen,

Deva (2017)

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Reema Lagoo,Mohan Agashe,Ankush Chaudhari,Tejaswini Pandit,Spruha Joshi,

Dark River (2018)

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Following the death of her father, Alice (Ruth Wilson) returns to her home village for the first time in 15 years, to claim the tenancy to the family farm she believes is rightfully hers.

Beast (2018)

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A troubled woman living in an isolated community finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider suspected of a series of brutal murders.

Revenge (2018)

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Never take your mistress on an annual guys' getaway, especially one devoted to hunting - a violent lesson for three wealthy married men.

The Best Thing! (2017)

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One day, restaurant owner Justin Alexander's life takes a dramatic turn when he finds out from one of...

Enter the Diamond (2019)

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Bob Bharatwal,

Hero (2017)

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Inspired by the life and times of Caribbean war hero, judge and diplomat Ulric Cross whose amazing life...

The Marcus Garvey Story (2018)

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Story based on the life and death of Marcus Garvey.

The Golden Monk (2017)

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In the Temple of Xuanguang lived a Buddhist monk with supernatural powers named Butong. One day, his mentor, Kong, was struck by lightning and realized that he was the reincarnation of ...

Raichi Hikari kurabu (2016)

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Nine pretty boys resist becoming ugly adults, building a robot with human intelligence to help them achieve world domination and kidnap a beautiful girl. As their robot learns what it means to be human, it's creators lose their humanity.

Book Club (2018)

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Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.

Demon House (2018)

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Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans documents the most authenticated case of possession in American history.