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Scary Mother (2017)

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A 50-year-old housewife, Manana, struggles with her dilemma - she has to choose between her family life and her passion...

Hamlet (2017)

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Giorgi Megrelishvili,Andro Sarishvili,Vasiko Bakhtadze,Otto Darchiashvili,Ani Nikolashvili,

Khibula (2017)

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The presidential palace of a war torn country falls to insurgent forces. The president flees, escorted by his PM and four guards...

Dede (2017)

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One Woman. Three Men. Dina can challenge the harsh traditions of the deep Caucasus Mountains. But will her spirit survive?

Dark Side (2017)

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Ivane Kenia,Oto Giorgadze,Paata Chokheli,Bacho Shubitidze,

Judgement Night (2017)

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A young woman is a sole survived witness to a murder ; Special agents go into hiding in a big secret house to protect her until the law-court

SlingShot (2015)

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SlingShot focuses on noted Segway inventor Dean Kamen and his work to solve the world's water crisis...

My Happy Family (2017)

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In a patriarchal society, an ordinary Georgian family lives with three generations under one roof. All...

Hostages (2017)

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Movie describes real events that took place in 1983 when seven young Georgians, all from intellectual elite families...